Privacy Policy

If you contact us by email, or sign up by email, we do not give out your email or name to anyone with one exception listed below. Otherwise, we don’t share it with anyone. It’s not accessible to anyone. Period.

What’s the exception when we share your email?

If you request a recommendation from on the best equipment, training course, or mentor, we provide you with company contact information. We send those same companies a notice that we emailed you. The companies we work with have policies to not release information such as emails or names to anyone else, and they are protective of contact identification.

If we send you the name of any mentors that we recommend, we will notify those individuals that we provided you their information. These are individual clinicians we know well and don’t use this information commercially.

We may email you about neurofeedback or related information on occasion. We may also email information about special opportunities to increase your knowledge or products that become available. If you are not a part of our Provider List and wish us not to email you, respond to our email with a request that we remove you from our list. We’ll honor your request.