About Us

How do you learn about neurofeedback? How do you find a provider? How do you get information without someone trying to sell you something?

AboutNeurofeedback is dedicated to providing solid, reliable, unbiased information. It can be challenging to sort through information and claims and to judge what is accurate and what is not. We strive to increase awareness of neurofeedback by making it more understandable and accessible. Our goal is to be the Internet’s top information site for neurofeedback.

Part of fulfilling that goal is offering simple and clear explanations of this complex topic for consumers and clinicians alike. We have an ever-growing FAQs section that answers numerous questions, including many questions people may never have thought to ask. As we continue to add to the site, please look for additional audio and video clips, as well as more links to published research about how neurofeedback can help various conditions, symptoms, and disorders.

Another segment of our goal is to feature a central list of qualified neurofeedback providers in an easy-to-use format. After searching ourselves, we know that finding a clinician isn’t always easy. By offering a central location for provider listings, regardless of what software or systems they use, we hope to enable easier access to practitioners for potential neurofeedback clients.

Lastly, as the site develops further, we plan to present additional resources to help practitioners with their practices so they can even better serve their clients and patients.

Who’s Behind AboutNeurofeedback?

AboutNeurofeedback was originally started in 2006 by a highly-skilled and dedicated provider who runs a successful practice, teaches neurofeedback courses, and offers consulting services to clinicians as well as consumers. He was frustrated with how difficult it was at the time to find good information on the Internet and felt some questions weren’t being addressed that should be.

In April 2012, AboutNeurofeedback was taken over by a nonclinical lover of neurofeedback. Neurofeedback literally saved my life. It is important to me to have a positive impact on this growing field that offers so much help to people who are struggling.

In an effort to publish the best information possible for both consumers and clinicians, I regularly consult with top experts in the field and ask a lot of questions. I was a neurofeedback client for a long time, have read about it and researched it extensively, took a wonderful neurofeedback course to increase my knowledge, and regularly train myself at home. My primary experience is in mental health writing, and I used to have a small practice in an adjunct, mental health profession.

I am thrilled to now focus on AboutNeurofeedback.com.

The opinions expressed in this website are not for personal gain. I don’t have a neurofeedback practice, don’t work for any neurofeedback equipment or software companies, and don’t receive any kind of special “sponsorship” from anyone. The viewpoints stated in AboutNeurofeedback are an amalgam of the opinions of top experts in the field and my own research.

Please contact us with any feedback about features you would like to see, new research we may have missed, things we’re doing right, and any ideas to improve the site. Thank you.