Choose A Neurofeedback Provider

Who Offers Neurofeedback?

While neurofeedback is not yet widespread, luckily, a growing number of psychologists, therapists, marriage and family counselors, RN’s, neuropsychologists and doctors now offer it.

It’s also offered by non-health professionals or unlicensed providers, although most places have legalities in place to ensure neurofeedback is done by qualified technicians under appropriate supervision.

Finding Providers On The Web

Check out the credentials and experience of clinicians before you visit them, and ask as many questions as you can. No website can provide a guarantee of someone’s experience, training, knowledge, or skill at using neurofeedback.

Other sites may list neurofeedback providers. For example, some vendors list individuals who have purchased their hardware and have asked to be listed as providers. While some or many may be skilled clinicians, the lists do not assess competency.