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Welcome to the AboutNeurofeedback’s Audio and Video Center. This is the place to find expert commentary and educational videos about neurofeedback. We’ve included interviews and videos of experts within the neurofeedback field discussing a range of topics.

A Note About Experts and Neurofeedback

Many health professionals in neurofeedback don’t often call themselves experts, even those who have done neurofeedback for many years. It’s an ever-evolving field, and more is being learned about the brain all the time. The reality is, after more than $1 billion spent on researching Prozac, the exact mechanisms of why one brain responds to it and another doesn’t still isn’t known.

As more is discovered about the brain, we keep learning new ways to explore and fine-tune the use of neurofeedback. We also keep learning more and more ways to do neurofeedback. Additionally, equipment and technology advances, and there are always new developments in the field.

Most of the best, or most knowledgeable, clinicians might call themselves good students because keeping up in this field and learning to get better at it requires ongoing training, education, networking, and reviewing.

None of the clinicians we interviewed were paid, nor is there any commercial basis for their selection. The criteria for selection are knowledge, experience, and a solid practice built over many years. They did the interviews on their own time simply because they wanted to share. For that, we are thankful and grateful for their contributions.