Our New Neurofeedback Provider List

Nov 15th, 2016Comments Off on Our New Neurofeedback Provider List

AboutNeurofeedback.com is under NEW Management, we are re-launching our comprehensive Neurofeedback Provider List. If potential clients/patients are looking for a neurofeedback therapist, clinician, or provider this is where they will be looking. Be sure you and your clinic is listed.

The lists that are currently available depend on a neurofeedback provider using a certain software or equipment, following a certain training method, or belonging to a certain organization. AboutNeurofeedback.com offers a comprehensive place for all neurofeedback practitioners, regardless of their equipment, membership, affiliation, or technique.

Our list makes it much easier to find a neurofeedback provider for anyone interested in neurofeedback as a potential treatment modality for their condition, symptoms, or disorder. By linking all neurofeedback clinicians, consumers can more easily find someone to help them, the field can grow, alliances and mentoring opportunities can be fostered, and clinicians can have a one-stop place to find colleagues.

We are thrilled to present this low-cost opportunity for all clinicians to be listed in one place. Thank you to those of you who have already signed up. We’ve sent out three referrals just in two days! We look forward to bringing more opportunities for growth, education, and awareness to the field of neurofeedback.