The material and information presented in this website includes many results which have been obtained in clinical settings. Though there are thousands of clients who have received neurofeedback training, much research is still needed to support the work and its efficacy across larger populations. With neurofeedback, the clinical applications and results are often “ahead” of the research. Several thousand licensed clinicians now use these tools to help their clients and patients.

The brain is very complex. Neurofeedback is powerful. It should be employed only by professionals who are appropriately trained. There are many clinicians who are not appropriately trained in neurofeedback, even though they may be very experienced clinicians in other areas. They also may not have the practice and experience with this complex technique. Look carefully for someone well-qualified and skilled, just as you would any other type of therapy or clinical service.

The discussion of neurofeedback in this website is intended for educational purposes. Its intent is to serve as a valuable resource for information for interested consumers, as well as researchers and clinicians within the health care community who are involved with the conditions neurofeedback can help. Other terms for neurofeedback include “EEG biofeedback” and “neurotherapy”.